Growing in Resilience

Growing in Resilience

download Here are a few things that will help us grow in resilience.


We need friends. One of the best ways to meet life’s challenges, is to try NOT to face them alone. We do better in relationship, not isolating from them. When you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, trusted friends can help you overcome self-defeating thoughts and irrational negativity.

But people can’t read your mind. You have to let them know you need to talk.

Managing Yourself Well

One of the most important ways to be resilient is to practice good self care.

  1. Get enough sleep
  2. Make time for Bible study and prayer
  3. Take a walk or a run…workout regularly.
  4. Eat right.
  5. Stay connected to people. Especially stay connected to people in the faith community.

Your ability to be resilient under stress requires good emotional and physical reserves. The better you care for yourself, the more equipped you are to manage stress.

Be Proactive instead of Procrastinating

Be  prayerfully intentional about your week. Think and pray through the week in front of you to anticipate possible snags before they happen. You strengthen your resiliency when you face potential problems head-on, but your good demeanor suffers when you procrastinate and ignore imminent problems.

“Those who are prudent see danger and take refuge, but the naive continue on and suffer the consequences.” ~Proverbs 27:12

You can grow in being proactive in facing uncomfortable realities head-on, and figuring out how to handle them before they arrive. And if you do, you’ll find a greater peace and resilience.

Remember the Lessons of the Past (This isn’t your first rodeo)

What has God taught you in the past? How has He led you to overcome hardship in the past? What strategies did God give you that worked well in making it through tough times, and which ones didn’t work out so well?

Remembering the lessons of the past means not repeating the mistakes of the past.

Lastly, View Adversity as a Normal Part of Life

Going through life with the expectation of a life with no problems is a prescription for depression and constant disappointment.

Have you noticed that the same event can happen to two different people –  one person snaps back in a few days, while the other person takes a decade to recover from it.

Their expectation is way off. They lack resilience.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from blows that knock the wind out of us and bring us low emotionally. Resilience is the ability to rise above negative circumstance, stay humble, FORGIVE, and keep moving forward in faith.



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