Remembering Jesus’ Triumphal Entry

Remembering Jesus’ Triumphal Entry

palmWhen we think of Palm Sunday,

Think of God’s redeeming purpose which SHOWS in contrast to Man’s political agenda.  Jesus knows the things that make for peace, and it is not a CHANGE of political leaders, it is freedom from sin in a CHANGED HEART.  

And when we think of Palm Sunday,

Think of Jesus’ love for ALL people – not any particular RACE – though the Jews WERE chosen for the revelation of God’s requirements for salvation.  His love is not limited, nor has it EVER BEEN LIMITED to just ONE RACE. In Jesus, He has favorites no longer.

And when we think of Palm Sunday,

Think of the Voices of Children praising Jesus in the Temple, as He heals the blind and handicapped who come to Him.  Think how He welcomed the Children’s praises and how He said that unless YOU and I BECOME like children, we will not enter the Kingdom of God.

            Weakness triumphs over power

            The praise of babies silences the mouths of God’s enemies

So, with Palm Sunday FRESH in our minds, what would be an appropriate offering to Jesus, Yeshua ha Machiach, TODAY?

Maybe Jesus told us already when He received the praises of the children THERE in the Temple:  Worship!  How about we close this morning with just a moment of heart-felt worship?

Because the kids got it right!  And that was why Jesus defended them! It was Perfect Praise from child-like hearts with no agenda.

~excerpt from Palm Sunday sermon 2017 Pastor Tom Wright

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